Pops Drinkwater was part gypsy

My grandpop must have been born approx 1902.His name was Austin Drinkwater, affectionally known as Aussie.He was My first male Hero and probably the biggest male influence on my life till I gave birth to my son David Rhys in 1993 My living hero and after my son, truth be known my next biggest male influence is Wigan born poet and post grad Matt O’ Brien, sadly Matt and I are currently estranged but he will always now be a part of my history.My 3 guys.

My pops was from Gorton in Machester and attended Gorton Monestary when it was a Catholic school and walked to school in his bare feet as his parents, My great grand parents, could not afford to buy him shoes.I discovered through the internet in 2017 that Gorton Monestary is listed in the top 100 most spiritual places in The World, so honoured to be connected to this place by my own bloodline, truly honoured.Sadly My pops turned his back on his faith and My mother Norma Margaret Drinkwater is an atheist but can never undo the fact she was Christened Catholic.

My pops worked the fairgrounds and it was whilst working The Waltzers he met My amazing Grandma Ethel, they fell in love, married and were only separated at death.My pops moved house that many times it was untrue, he had 6 homes in the brief time I knew him including 2 public houses in Wigan, one was The Star Inn, near Wigan Pier, one corner shop .I guess he moved so often due to his gypsy blood.

When I was a little girl, he would wake early to light the coal fire, he wouldn’t let any of us downstairs till he had warmed the room up, how lovely of him.Then he would go on to tell me about the people who lived and danced in the flames of the fire and he would point them out to me, I was trully blessed.

To be continued ….


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