I just want to walk My dog Bonnie

It is a beautiful spring afternoon and I so want to talk my little dog for a walk.

Sadly My dog passed away 9 th June 2015.

I have never felt such loss for animal before not even my horse.

I bought my little dog to encourage my son then 6 yrs old to get out the house and have fresh air and exercise .

I did all the school runs with her first walking to school through Mesnes park, then when we moved up Standish , I used to talk her on the bus for the school run down to Wigan, then on to mums to help mum out.

Quite often if it wasn’t a day for visiting mum I would walk to Wigan via Ashfield park, then down the main road to school.

As a single mum, me and my son took her on our caravan holidays in Wales 5 times and one in Blackpool.

Bonnie was really my sons dog but Bonnie and I became inseparable.

I still can’t believe she is gone, it is like I am never going to get over.

Rest in peace my sweet Bonnie, you are sorely missed and still so loved xxxxxxx





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