I have been influenced in last 5 yrs by 3 male poets

I started writing verses/poetry when I was 18 and a half almost 37 years ago now.I just used to sit and write at home thinking I was the only poet in the world, silly me.This was well before my son was born in 1993.My mum just used to say,’there is no money in poetry’ and showed no interest all in my writing, so consequently I would get frustrated so I would rip all my poetry up, again silly me , as if you write your poetry when the situation is raw , fresh in your heart soul and mind you produce your best work.

I started to write again in 2009 to impress a guy, nothing came of this guy and myself but my poetry was reborn.

In April 2012 I discovered there was a place close to home where people read poetry on stage, I didn’t even know events like this existed.Well I have been on the performance scene ever since up to 2 weeks ago when I have withdrawn, not sure yet whether this will be a short or long break but I am thoroughly enjoying the rest.

I was just about to post a new poem and realised one of my words in this poem had been picked up from a male poet, so before I go any further, me who has not read any classical poetry all my life,have found myself influenced by ,I would say the top 3 male poets of the Northwest, Great Britain,so I thought I would acknowledge them,2 have remained close friends,sadly I am estranged from Matt .In order my 3 male poets who have influenced me are Matt O’ Brien now 29, Darren Thomas now 52 and John Togher now 37.I like to still think I have my own style quote Matt O’ Brien ‘ I write from my heart..’ , I would never want to lose that but these 3 guys have so influenced me and been true friends.




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